Introduction to Conversion Copywriting and Product Messaging

Why is effective copywriting important and how it affects conversion?

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It is not enough to only build products/services which help consumers solve their problems, you also need to communicate that value to consumers. You need to communicate with your consumers such that it creates an image in your consumer’s mind that only your product will solve their problem and they will remember it for a long time.

Copywriting is really important for any business as it can make or break the image of the brand. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t really understand the value of good copywriting and underestimate the value of copywriters. Also, some businesses don’t even want to invest in expensive copywriters where they don’t understand that they are losing out on tremendous value it can create and people from an existing team like product managers or marketers can also harness this valuable skill by themselves.

An effective copywriting…

  • Creates a positive brand image
  • Drives profitability
  • Help Increase conversion rate by keeping the audience engaged throughout the session.

“The greatest ideas are the simplest.”

— William Golding

Copywriting is neither a wizardly skill nor you need to be excellent at writing. You just need a structured approach to it and then it becomes easy by following certain steps in the process of writing a copy that creates wonders.

Let’s try to understand how this process of writing a good copy works

Get insights about your customers

Research your consumer market in terms of needs, who are the buyers, why they buy it, how do they use it, what is the main objective they are trying to achieve with your product. When you own a business, you already know your customers and competition, take advantage of that knowledge.

Understand your competitors’ strategies

Get to know how your competitors are trying to characterize their product/services, how they are showcasing their value proposition. These things will help you create a unique identity of your products and make you stand out from the crowd. Don’t create an image that will inspire your consumers to compare your products with your competitors, this way you are making money for your competitors as well and you may lose some serious revenue to your competitors.

Conduct user interviews

User interviews of ideal users of your product give you great insight into how users perceive your product. This will help you create an ideal user profile. Dig down for the information by asking questions

  • How does our product helps you meet your needs?
  • What stimulates you to use our products?
  • How do you use the product?
  • What part of the product feels complex to use?
  • How would you describe our product to someone else?
  • What was the thought process before buying a product?
  • What are the other options/alternatives have you used before this product?
  • Do you have any other questions about the product? if any, how do you find out the answer to them?

Conducting user interviews and asking questions like the ones mentioned above will tell you a lot about exact words people use about your product while communicating with others, Their thinking while searching for products like yours, difficulties they are facing in the usability, any other expectations from your product.

These insights will help your business gain an edge over the competition and always stay ahead if you do it consistently in the right way.

Product Messaging to create a brand

Marketing is about values. It’s a complicated and noisy world, and we’re not going to get a chance to get people to remember much about us. No company is. So we have to be really clear about what we want them to know about us.”

— Steve Jobs

Here we will dive deep into how conversion copywriting needs to be drafted in a way that characterizes your product in a unique way. Product messaging is all about communicating value, a unique offering, market positioning, and benefits to consumers.

Apple has become the most valuable company now. Why is that so?

Photo by Ben Szymanski on Unsplash

For years, Apple has focussed on creating a novelty factor for consumers. Using apple products creates a different perception of the user as well. If you observe apple users, they will buy everything of apple, from earphones to smartphones & tablets to laptops and desktops.

The main reason behind the success of apple is that their customer retention strategy which involves in-depth research of user experience across all the products and keeps making it as simple as possible. Apple is well known for its privacy focussed OS and also other factors such as performance specifications and design it just outperforms every other smartphone and creates a new benchmark.

I watch this video whenever I feel a need to remind myself that it is all about your positioning, where you position yourself, may it be your company or yourself.

Carefully examining marketing strategies of apple even now when steve jobs is not with us and design of their products, you will come to know only one message that they deliver to consumers is “Think Different”.

Don’t say we are a leading company rather become a different company in your own league and say we don’t need anyone in our league. No matter how much Google tries to be in competition with apple it can never drag them down on their unique value proposition which is “User Experience”. This is the identity that Apple has created for its brand.

Similarly, Product messaging is more of an art than science. Before spending a hefty sum of money and endless time on marketing activities, it is good to spend some time deciding on

  • what is that one message you want to tell your customer?
  • How you want your product to be perceived by your customers?

If you follow the process of conversion copywriting as mentioned above you will have enough data at your disposal to form a perfect product message. Doing some further teardown analyses will help you better verify that your final sales copy is actually ready or not.

How to approach teardown analysis

Confirm that your product messaging is consistent across all pages and satisfies all the criteria listed below:

  • Product message is aligned with the visitor’s motivation such as why are they here and from where they have been directed to your website. There are going to be a lot of factors to it that you will need to take into account.
  • The value proposition is aligned with their need and the problem you are addressing. Because this is how you are going to create the perception of your product into the consumer’s minds.
  • Friction is reduced by not making them click too much everywhere and guiding them on every stage of interactivity.
  • Incentivize visitors by offering discounts, more benefits in the time-limited offers, etc. to let them know that they can only take advantage of the moment.
  • Features of the product as benefits being offered to consumers. Consumers always think in terms of what is in it for me so it’s all about them and not about us. Don’st say ‘what we offer’, say, ‘what you get’.
  • Social proof for a product has been mentioned in some way alongside some authoritative statements such as featured in press, media which support claims of your offer.

So, These are some of the ideas that I gave you so that you can at least improve your existing communication and sales page copies. If you are really interested to learn these topics in-depth, CXL Institute has very detailed courses on Conversion Copywriting and Product Messaging where you will learn about many effective practices and frameworks to create your own strategy for copywriting and product messaging for your product.

What’s coming next week

We will discuss psychological concepts that as a conversion optimization expert, one needs to be aware of. We will also take a brief look at creating and displaying a genuine social proof for a product, the consumers are always expecting on a subconscious level.



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